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Our Staff

Bo Strickland

Phone Extension: #1022

Josh Martin

Director of Operations
Phone: 912-237-4286

Sharon DeLoach

Office Manager, Vice-President
Phone Extension: #1014

Drew Gully

Elmer Berry

Exec. Vice-President, Sales
Phone: 912-334-0283

Terri McCloud

Accountant, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone Extension: #1012

David Howard

Mobile Operations Manager

Area Manager - Southern Regions
Phone: 912-294-0791

Mitch Crosby

Area Manager - Northern Regions
Phone: 912-486-0072

Patrick Edwards

Trucking Dispatcher
Phone Extension: #1019

Crystal Massey

Credit/Accounts Receivable
Phone Extension: #1020

Gina Willis

Hauling & Raw Material Payables
Phone Extension: #1016

Crystal Massey

Accounts Payable
Phone Extension: #1020
Please send statements and invoices to

Leo Rogers

Safety Manager
Phone Extension: #1017

Rachel Hart

Employment Recruiter
Phone Number: +1-912-290-1034

Daniel Mathis

IT Manager